UMS Tuning has teamed with NASA Arizona (NASA AZ) to host an event called “UMS Tuning Time Attack Series” as a means for the more experienced HPDE drivers to showcase their vehicle and capabilities as a driver, without having to subject themselves or their vehicle to the additional hazards of wheel to wheel racing.

These types of events are also shaped to mimic the basic Time Trial racing format. Drivers that compete in this event regularly should consider Time Trials as the way to advance their skillset as well as having the opportunity to win additional contingency prizes.

Why Time Attack?

Time attack is known globally as a form of racing that allows drivers to compete against both the drivers fastest time and the fastest time of other competitors in their class.  While the form of time attack varies between event organizations, the heart and soul of attacking time has not.  Our form of time attack is similar to others, however we choose to make our classes simple, easy to understand, minimal drama and maximum fun.

Our Series Leaders

TONY SZIRKAFounder, Front Man
UMS Time Attack was founded in 2009 in conjunction with NASA AZ and evolving from a simple time attack session. Tony has been the driving force of UMS TA by combining his knowledge and experience as both a competitor and an automotive tuner. Tony has also successfully advanced such time attack organizations such as Global Time Attack, Super Lap Battle USA, and offered advise and counsel to many others!
JON VIAData, The IT Guy
Jon started as a competitor of time attack in 2007, and in 2009 joined Tony and the UMS Time Attack Series. Since then he has helped refine and streamline how TA events run, from classing to competitor points, to tracking and maintaining all things data driven. He also maintains the website and keeps Tony sane! Jon has also taken this knowledge to assist organizations such as Global Time Attack and Super Lap Battle USA!
Tage has been a long time friend, mentor and contributor of time attack. He initially started the original time attack movement with Club Racing Arizona pre-NASA AZ days! In 2009, Tage acquired CRA and founded NASA AZ to become owner and Regional Director. Since the change over, Tage has been a massive supporter of UMS TA as both a series and a stepping stone into other competition classes such as Time Trials!